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Receipt Apps: The app you never knew you needed until you did

You’ve probably heard the term ‘receipt apps’ being bandied around lately. 

Bunnings, the ATO and Officeworks have one, there’s an awesome one called Crunchr (have you heard of it?), and there are a few other receipt apps to choose from in your app store, too.

But what is a receipt app, and more to the point, do you actually, like really, really, need one?

We say yeah! 


But if you’re not convinced and want to know why you should download yet another app (after all, it’s 2022 and life’s all about de-cluttering, not over-complicating, am I right?), let us turn you into a raving receipt app wielding fan, too.

But first, let’s start at the beginning.


What is a receipt app?

Consider this: have you ever needed to return something, only to find you can’t because you’ve lost your receipt? 

Have you ever wanted to claim something on tax but don’t have the records to back it up? 

Or have you ever needed to reconcile your business expenses but can’t find the evidence?

If you can relate to any of these things, a receipt app could be exactly what you need in your life. Receipt apps store your receipts digitally – meaning no lost records ever again!


Why do you need a receipt app?

Fact: A quarter of Australian businesses lose up to $10,000 worth of tax deductions each year because of lost receipts (source:

And: The ATO generally requires written evidence (receipts) to substantiate tax deductions totalling over $300 (Source:

So whether you have a business or not, not having your receipts stored in a receipt app could be costing you money at tax time. That, for one, is motivation enough to get in on the ‘app-tion’.

But downloading a receipt app isn’t just about proving your tax deductions. Oh no, there are heaps more reasons why they are the thing you didn’t know you needed.


A good receipt app can also:

  • Simplify your record keeping
  • Integrate with Accounting software
  • Track your spending
  • Help you budget better
  • Make it easier to find old receipts (because let’s be honest, even if you did keep an old receipt, chances are it will fade over time, so it’s actually useless anyway).


Receipt Apps – The environmental impact

Did you know that using a receipt app is also better for the planet?

In the US alone, up to 10 million trees are used in the production of paper receipts each year. It’s also estimated that 93% of paper receipts are toxic, thanks to the chemicals used in their thermal coating (source:

Mind. blown.

The good news is you can reduce your carbon footprint by using a receipt app, and some apps (ahem, like Crunchr) even accept email and text receipts, so there’s no need for a paper version in the first place. Winning!


Receipt Apps – So, why choose Crunchr?

Now we get to the good part.

Crunchr is not only a simple receipt app that allows you to take a quick photo of your paper receipts, it can also store digital receipts from texts, emails and PDFs.

But what sets Crunchr apart from other receipt apps is that we’re friends with everyone. Your receipts are stored within the app and safely backed up to the cloud, you can email reports to your Accountant (which include images of the receipts), no matter what software program they use. This could save you on Accounting fees, too!

Crunchr has a fancy (but actually simple to use) expense tracker, which graphs your costs for easy analysis. Take it from us, there’s no better feeling than being in control of your budget!

We’re also super proud that we’re an Australian company with a 100% Australian-based support crew. 

We could actually go on and on about Crunchr, but really, we think the app speaks for itself. So why not take us up on our free 30 day trial – you don’t even need to provide your credit card number. Once you see how awesome it is, it’s just $6.99 per month to keep going.

Want to give it a red hot go? Download the app here now:

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