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What a difference an app can make! – Kylie Mac

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Spend smarter.

With MySpend, the expense tracker that keeps your business organised and on budget.

Say goodbye to tax-time meltdowns.

Don’t miss out on deductions. Export tax-ready spreadsheets for your accountant – with receipt photos included.

(Warning: accountant’s office may flood with happy tears.)

Find what you need, fast.

Our AI searches your receipt data and your photos to locate specific items on your receipts.

No more tedious admin.

Crunchr scans up to 10 receipts at once, pulls the data, categorises them and remembers everything for next time. So you can focus on tasks that make you money.

Easily organise multiple projects.

Create custom categories, folders and spreadsheets for individual projects.

Works with any software.

Literally, take your pick. There’s no program Crunchr can’t handle.

Export to Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, PDF or Excel Spreadsheet and import to your favourite program.

Be a savvy spender.

All your expenses laid out for you. Food, fuel, tacos, wine… your MySpend tracker will show you exactly where your money is going.

Finally plan that date night.

Live your best life. Let us handle the boring stuff. We’ll scan, file, and store your receipts. All you have to do is confirm the deets.

Automate your life.

Want all your grocery receipts in one folder? Done. Tell us once and we’ll take it from there. Crunchr learns from you and remembers your preferences.

Easy returns and warranties.

With everything safely stored in the cloud, you never have to worry about faulty products or clothes that don’t fit again.

Save multiple receipts in one hit..

Been on a shopping spree? Sweet. Crunchr can scan up to 10 receipts at a time. 

Keep everything organised.

Don’t mix up your investment property, household, and side hustle expenses. Create custom categories to store related items together.

Get paid faster.

No more taking an entire afternoon to manually record expenses for your boss. You’re ready to go in just a few clicks.

Simplify your life.

Need to find a specific item? No problem. The search function looks through your data and photos to find what you need faster than you can say, “where have you been all my life?”

Make tax time a breeze.

Tax-ready spreadsheets, with receipt photos included. Plus, make your money back by claiming Crunchr on tax – just ask your accountant.

Track work and personal expenses.

We’re all about that work-life balance. Create custom categories to keep your work and personal expenses separate.  

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Keep a paperless trail.

Don’t lose out on reimbursements because of lost receipts. Keep them safe and easy to access in the cloud. Forever.

Sync with your company’s software.

We don’t play favourites. PDF and excel spreadsheet exports mean you can import your data to any program you like.


Our planet needs extra love these days. Let’s do our part.


Your data is protected with AWS cloud storage.

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Cath & Him
Cleaning Business
Crunchr has made it really easy to save all my receipts in one place while I'm on the go, and it's a big relief to know my records are always up to date!
Tatiana Reuillier
Arcadia Women Adventures
Awesome bookkeeping app and so user friendly. Since I starting using Crunchr about a year ago, it quickly became indispensable.
Director - What Matters Marketing
I’ve used a few receipt apps over the last few years, yet none of them have offered the simplicity and ease of use that Crunchr has.  I can’t rave about it enough. I’m crushing on Crunchr!

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Premium tech. Bargain price.

Don’t manage your receipts manually. Stay sane by conquering
your finances the easy way, with a monthly or yearly plan.

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*All prices include GST

Fixed fees.

No hidden charges. No surprises. What you see is what you get.

Access to all features.

Don’t pay extra for premium features. Get access to everything always.

Tax deductible.

Make your money back in the blink of an eye, by claiming Crunchr at tax time –  just ask your accountant.

You asked. We listened.

Here’s what’s new at Crunchr.

Document upload feature.

Upload your end of year statements and other important documents that you can send to your accountant or finance department at the same time as your expense report.

Date expected: December 2023

Bill reminders.

Don’t get stung with late fees. Tell us when you actually pay your bills and we’ll remind you when they’re coming up.

Date expected: January 2024

Crunchr email.

Stay spam-free and private with an ‘@crunchr’ email address. Plus we’ll scan receipts straight from your inbox.

Date expected: July 2024

Split Receipts.

Whilst keeping Tax records the ATO states that you must apportion your expenses between business and private use, soon Crunchr users will be able to apportion a single expense receipt across different folders/spreadsheets


Work from home – office expenses such as electricity, internet usage, when entering a bill Crunchr users can then allocate a % or $ amount  to work expenses and the other % or $ amount to personal.

Released: 23 December 2023

Multi-page receipts.

Multi-page receipts? We got you. Snap a pic of each page Crunchr will combine them into one file.

Released: 10 October 2023

My spend calculator.

Enabling users to Crunch the numbers and calculate totals for specific categories and time ranges in seconds.

Released: 10 October 2023

PDF reader.

One step closer to paperless. Our PDF reader scans e-receipts so you can ditch the paper ones.

Released: 4th Aug 2022

Android app.

Crunchr is coming to Android. The team is hard at work on development and it’ll be with you real soon.

Released: 23rd February 2023

Foreign currency capability.

Travelling overseas, no worries, Crunchr will soon have the capability to read and store receipts in Foreign Currencies.

Released: 12 June 2023

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