Expense management

Expense tracking – a resolution that’s easy to keep in 2023

Expense tracking! Did you know that saving money is the second most popular New Year’s Resolution?

If you’ve declared this as your 2023 resolution, a great way to start is with expense tracking.

‘Expense tracking’ is a budgeting method for keeping a record of all expenditures throughout a period of time. Just track the money that goes out, and you get a clear picture of what your true costs are. 

Sounds simple, right?

While it sounds pretty easy, the truth is expense tracking can be time consuming. And having to spend too much time tracking your spending – especially when it means sifting through piles of receipts and entering data manually into spreadsheets – just isn’t fun when you’d rather be out enjoying life.

Luckily, some clever humans have taken the need for expense tracking and put everything we could possibly need into some super clever software packages. But these are way too expensive and overly complicated for us mere mortals to use every day. This is because they’re part of a much bigger Accounting software package, so you’re paying for all the bells and whistles you don’t really need.

Truth be told, us everyday humans just want to be able to track our expenses on the go without having to sit down at a computer, amiright?

So when you just want to keep things simple, you need an expense tracker that allows you to monitor your spending quickly and easily – no spreadsheeting or Accounting degree required. Ideally, this means:

  • a simple, user friendly design that’s available on your phone
  • the ability to organise your expenses into categories
  • being able to view real time reporting of how much money has been spent for a certain period
  • using the latest technology to do all the data crunching, so you don’t have to

And this is exactly what you get with Crunchr!

Crunchr is a mobile phone app that scans your receipts and automatically organises them for you, allowing you to quickly and easily track your expenses on a daily (or even minute by minute) basis. 

Our clever little app has the ability to not only scan paper receipts, but also import digital receipts from text messages, emails and PDFs. This means all your expenses are captured and stored in the one place, giving you accurate expense tracking data.

You can view your expenses by category, time period and even see an overall summary within a few taps. We’ve deliberately designed it so you can track your expenses faster than your fave barista delivers your coffee!

The thing we’re most proud of at Crunchr is the in-built AI. This means the more you snap your receipts, the more it learns and even less time and energy that you need to spend organising your financial life.

Remember how we mentioned those complicated software packages? The good news with Crunchr is although the app’s expense tracking feature is super simple to use, it’s also super smart. You still have the ability to export spreadsheets and keep proper ATO compliant records, meaning Crunchr can be used by businesses to manage credit card expenses, reimbursements and for tax purposes too.

And you know how we mentioned coffee? It costs about the same as one large cup each month.

Statistics show that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February, and 33% of the time, this is because they didn’t keep track of progress.

We think that by keeping things simple and using smart technology like Crunchr, tracking expenses is easier than ever before.

Here’s to better expense tracking and sticking to your New Year’s Resolution in 2023!

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